Young Justice: Outsiders - 6 Major Questions After The First Three Episodes

The return of Young Justice gave us some answers, but it left us with a lot of questions.

DC Universe

Contains spoilers from Young Justice: Outsiders Episodes 1, 2 and 3.

Young Justice finally made its long-awaited return to screens when its third season, 'Outsiders', debuted on the DC Universe streaming service this past Friday, and its first three episodes wasted absolutely no time in throwing us right back into the action.

Carrying on from the meta-gene narrative established during the show's original run, it focuses on a metahuman-trafficking operation in Markovia which has resulted in the kidnappings (and later weaponisation) of children who possess metahuman abilities.

It all started with the abduction of Markovia's Princess Tara and has since spiralled into a pandemic. This, of course, catches the attention of Dick Grayson - the former Robin/Nightwing who once led Young Justice's primary team of young superheroes - ultimately forcing him to turn to his old friends to shut the operation down once and for all.

Together, 'Princes All', 'Royal We' and 'Eminent Threat' were efficient in continuing the show's overarching narrative while taking it in a gripping new direction. However, there were a number of major changes that we couldn't help but notice and, as a result, we were left in desperate need of some answers.


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