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Game Of Thrones Season 8: 8 Things We Already Know

A Dream of Spring 2019.
By James Hunt

The Walking Dead: 10 Things That Happen After The War With Negan

How will the show deviate from the comics next?
By Mark Langshaw

10 Awesome TV Shows With One Awful Character

Admit it, you groan every time they show up.
By Jack Pooley

The Walking Dead: 8 Plot Twists Nobody Will See Coming In Season 8

Creeping up on you.
By Mark Langshaw

Stranger Things 2 Trailer: 10 Shots You Must See

Things keep getting stranger and stranger.
By Jay Anderson

Stranger Things Season 2: 9 Crazy Fan Theories (That Might Actually Be True)

Theories that'll turn your world upside down.
By James Hunt

The Walking Dead: 10 Most Badass Rick Grimes Moments

How many walkers have you killed? How many people have you killed? Why?
By Dustin Parry

The Walking Dead: 11 Major Moments From The Comics We Still Need To See

Heath might want to stay on his supply run for season 8.
By Josh Brown

Red Dwarf: Every Series Ranked From Worst To Best

From smeg to not-so-smeg, this is the definitive list of all the Red Dwarf series.
By Joel Harvey

Arrow Season 6: 10 Major Predictions

Who lives, who dies, and who returns.
By James Hunt

The Walking Dead Season 8: 10 Big Questions We Need Answers To

OMG who does Negan kill? Sorry, that was last year.
By Joe Fish

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The Simpsons: 15 Best Treehouse Of Horror Segments - Ranked

Don't agree? Eat my shorts.
By Scott Banner

The X-Files Season 11: 10 Things We Learned From The New Trailer

The truth returns in 2018 with a new slate of episodes.
By Jay Anderson

The Walking Dead: 8 Characters Who Should Die In Season 8

The casualties of war...
By Joe Fish

The Walking Dead:10 Important Things To Remember Before Season 8

Some quick revision before all out war...
By Joe Fish

The Walking Dead Season 8: Predicting Who Lives And Who Dies

It's time for war.
By James Hunt
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10 Anime Series All Horror Fans Need To Watch

It's not all big-eyed girls, screaming musclemen and fan-service...
By Rachel Linville

10 Questions We Need Answering About 2017's Most Anticipated TV Shows

The dazed, bearded look is all the rage this season.
By James Hunt

7 TV Finales That Pissed Off The Fans

It was all a dream? If only!
By Mark Langshaw

Rick And Morty Season 3: Every Episode Ranked From Worst To Best

Ooh wee, what a season!
By Callum Smith