10 Greatest Entrances In UFC History

If only it was socially acceptable to walk into any room like this...

Isaac Brekken/AP

When somebody special walks into a room, you know about it.

Whether it's the way they walk or the energy they exude, how they burst into a scenario can have an unignorable effect on the people in that area.

Boxing, wrestling and MMA have all taken that idea and dialled it up to a hundred over the years, with fighters choosing to use their entrance as a way of intimidating their opponent or utilising the crowd to give them that added edge and support in the bout.

Nowhere is that more prevalent than in the current landscape of the UFC, where home crowds and innovative performance ideas have taken the pageantry of MMA to another stratosphere.

It's not all about flashing lights and fireworks; some of the greatest UFC entrances in history have been purely circumstantial. A nuclear crowd or impenetrable focus on behalf of a competitor have made for some iconic struts to the ring - GSP in Montreal rings a bell.

Regardless, UFC have consistently set the bar in recent years in their commitment to indulging in the creative sides of their athletes and setting up hometown fights that guarantee an explosion.

Now let's see who made the cut...

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