10 Academy Awards (For Pro Westling)

The Kings Of The World.


This week, the film industry celebrated itself as part of the 90th Academy Awards celebrations, which ran about as long as a WWE big four pay-per-view event, but showcased far more new stars.

The #OscarsSoWhite movement hasn't yet set in motion a full paradigm shift. Gary Oldman grabbed the Best Actor gong for cosplaying as Winston Churchill in a guaranteed Oscar-bait of a performance, and the biopic was celebrated yet further; Allison Janney was recognised for her portrayal as another IRL human being, LaVona Golden. The Academy is deeply impressed by impressions, but since the Academy isn't voting here, Vince McMahon brings home nothing for parodying himself through the insane Jinder Mahal-as-WWE Champion push.

There were, however, some unusual choices elsewhere; the Troy McClure-triggering, fish-sh*gging The Shape Of Water brought home Best Picture, pipping The Post - typical Steven Spielberg Oscar fodder - to the post. The very un-white Get Out won Best Original Screenplay, defying a century's worth of dubious tradition in the process. Guillermo del Toro reconciled the recent Best Picture and Best Director split.

Much like the rise of New Japan in the wrestling world, acclaim is spreading...

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