10 Amazing WWE SummerSlam Plans You Won't Believe Almost Happened

9. Muhammad Hassan To Become Youngest WWF Champion Ever After Defeating Batista - SummerSlam 2005

In 2005 Muhammad Hassan had gained significant heat as the WWE's modern 'Iron Sheik.' With manager Davari, Hassan's gimmick was that of an anti-west Arab American; a home grown enemy from within that the WWE backed as its most unpopular heel. To many it seemed as if the talented Hassan would progress on to the main event scene. This proved to be an accurate assumption as WWE writers had written plans for Hassan to defeat Batista at SummerSlam to become the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in WWE history. However these plans were cancelled following the 7/7 London terrorist attacks, as the WWE came under sustained pressure form media outlets, fans and the wider international community to drop the Hassan character entirely. What eventually transpired was the gradual removal of Hassan from WWE programming and a SummerSlam pay per view in which Batista retained his World Heavyweight Championship against John 'Bradshaw' Layfield.

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