10 Awesome One-Time WWE Champions

10. Booker T


Unless you count those couple of weeks in mid-2001 when he held WCW's soon-to-be-discontinued Big Gold Belt on Raw, Booker T only managed one world title reign during his entire time working for Vince McMahon.

Almost instinctively, this feels like a massive injustice, particularly when you consider how over the guy was during his first couple of years on Raw, and how limply his World Heavyweight Championship pursuit ended at the hands of Triple H at WrestleMania XIX.

When he finally did get his chance with the title, it was only after he ditched everything that made his original character so great in favour of the short-lived "King" gimmick, and even then he was only given the thing a stopgap between Rey Mysterio and Batista.

In happier news, five reigns with the WCW Championship puts him only behind Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan and Sting - which isn't a bad place to be.

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