10 Awful WWE Entrance Themes You Secretly Love

We think we're cute, we know we're sexy.


The impact a good piece of entrance music can have on a WWE superstar's popularity or longevity in the wrestling world cannot be underestimated.

The sound of Stone Cold's glass shattering, Chris Jericho's iconic countdown or The Undertaker's famous gong have all become synonymous with WWE over the years and are firmly established as some of the greatest entrance tunes of all time.

What makes WWE what it is today is their ability to provide something for pretty much everyone in their audience, and while a majority will love those aforementioned pieces of entrance music, there'll be a group of people who can't stand them.

It's a divisive world at times. Favourite wrestlers, finishing moves and the type of backstage shenanigans people like to see are constant topics of debate among fans.

That's why hitting the nail on the head with a theme tune can be so important to a wrestler's career, and why it's not always about simply having the best piece of music, but something which succeeds in inciting a reaction from the crowd. We might have hated these songs, but we loved them at the same time.


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