10 Best Big Guy Vs Big Guy Matches In WWE History

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It would have seemed strange just two years ago when Braun Strowman was greener than The Incredible Hulk, but the 'Monster Among Men's No Mercy match with Brock Lesnar is fast becoming one of the most keenly-anticipated WWE main events in recent memory.

Something about seeing a pair of absolute freaks of nature collide - even in the pre-determined world of pro-wrestling - is just too enchanting to ignore, and after seeing their brief clash on Raw this week, it could go down as one of the best big man vs big man matches in the company's history.

And, honestly, that's because there isn't a huge amount of competition. The simple fact is that smaller guys tend to make better wrestlers, owing to their gymnast-like ability to flip through the air and be lifted up for high-impact moves.

There are a smattering of great big guy wrestlers, but they usually enjoy their best work when paired with opponents half their size; the classic example of this being Undertaker and Shawn Michaels, whose cat and mouse-style matches never disappointed.

Here are 10 big man matches that weren't too bad, though.