10 Best Ever Excuses For Losing A Wrestling Match

Zack Sabre Jr and Chris Jericho trace their troubles to the very top...


Bobby Heenan was the best.

A supporter of Lex Luger to the point of nausea upon his arrival as 'The Narcissist' in 1993, the 'Brain' thought he'd found the ideal destroyer of his former charge Mr Perfect after the 'Executive Consultant' left him and Ric Flair behind at the end of 1992. Luger was a stunning physical specimen, something Bobby constantly told us was far beyond "perfection"...

...until he stopped following his orders.

When Luger emerged from a helicopter (!) on the docked USS Intrepid (!!) on July 4th to bodyslam Yokozuna ahead of a major bus tour and SummerSlam WWE Championship push out of nowhere (!!!), he did so in the face of Heenan's desperate protestations. A fighter for Old Glory instead of old Bobby, Luger had seen the light, so much so that his former cheerleader refused to even acknowledge his remarkable physical achievement.

Leaping across the fence towards his fiendish friends Mr Fuji and Jim Cornette, Heenan used his platform to suggest that it was a hiptoss, and that Luger shouldn't have had the shot in the first place. He desperately argued the same as SummerSlam 1993 featured the same extraordinary feat.

It had been that easy for Heenan to switch sides, all based on the flimsiest of excuses that played to his even flimsier moral code. Such was life as a legendary 'Weasel'. What excuse did the lot in this list have? Well...

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