10 Best Ever UK WWE Matches

Best of British.


Casually dropped into the middle of a recent '205 Live' broadcast, commentator Tom Phillips was the first to note that an exclusive new UK-only weekly show will be coming to the WWE Network later this year.

To accentuate the move, WWE paraded Pete Dunne, Wolfgang, Trent Seven, Mark Andrews and inaugural UK Champion Tyler Bate to the fans in attendance at the post-WrestleMania cruiserweight broadcast, drawing a tremendous response for all five from one of the most hardcore audiences of the year.

Building off the phenomenal UK Championship Tournament in January, the company taped two nights of television in Norwich, England as the project's opening salvo, even integrating Pete Dunne's UK Championship rematch with Tyler Bate into May 20th's NXT TakeOver: Chicago card. Top names were also added to the ongoing UK tour ahead of the roll-out.

To launch a show exclusively within British locations will be unchartered territory even for WWE, but there have been moments of magic in their previous trans-atlantic forays that justify a more mutually beneficial relationship with one of their biggest non-US audiences. London Raw and SmackDown Live! tapings this week are likely to bear out the logic.

From pay-per-view peaks to tantalising television tapings and live events that have bi-annually rocked cities up and down England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Island, some of the finest ever WWE matches have taken place on UK soil, and the company will look to use these historic encounters to enhance that reputation with their burgeoning show.


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