10 Best Ring Names In WWE History

Great enough for a gravestone.


Honourable mentions are countless.

'Andre the Giant' was as self-evidently brilliant as the man behind the name; it underscored perfectly the scale and the otherworldly quality of a man with no physical right to exist. 'Doink The Clown', almost silly in its onomatopoeia, obscured the jump-scare premise behind the original heel character as effectively as the man who portrayed it, Matt Bourne, hid the inner menace behind the fake smile. 'Goldust' promised an act intriguing as it was glamorous - one which the name alone couldn't summarise, much like you never could accurately summarise the mysterious performer himself.

Alliteration was the only vaguely florid element of 'Arn Anderson'; mostly, it was an all-business name for an all-business man. Arnold is a tough name; shortening it to 'Arn' was a masterstroke in how it mirrored the performer's brutal in-ring economy. 'Kane' was a great, misspelled marriage of modern language trends and a timeless Biblical reference.

The perfect name embellishes the qualities of the performer behind it - or, in the case of one man, is so perfect for the character that separating the character from the man becomes impossible...


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