10 Best Survivor Series Elimination Matches EVER - According To Dave Meltzer

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The elimination match format was the very foundation upon which the Survivor Series as we know it was devised. When Vince McMahon used his new format to bully pay-per-view providers into picking his product over the longer tenured Starrcade in 1987, he inadvertently pioneered a beloved concept that has endured every generation of the modern era.

Four-on-fours, five-on-fives and even ten-on-tens have been presented from the bombastic bright lights of the original boom period to the anti-establishment Attitude Era aesthetic and beyond. For a show that constantly trumpets the importance of surviving, it's matches such as the ones in this list that have ensured a constant pay-per-view presence for the attritional gang fights.

The diverse range of talents may not always magnificently mesh, but when they do, it's absolute magic. From Hogan to Helmsley via Hakushi, there's always the chance of a multi-man melee stealing the show. Ranked in order of Wrestling Observer Dave Meltzer's proffered preferences, these contests have best protected a genuine McMahon staple.

(NOTE: In the event of a tied rating, the most recent match gets preferential treatment. Wrestling evolves at a breakneck pace, and any older contest outperforming a contemporary equivalent is deserving of the elevated status)


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