10 Best WCW PPVs Ever

1. The Great American Bash 1989

Baltimore saw the Great American Bash take place on 23rd July 1989, and the city bore witness to what is generally thought of as the best WCW live event ever broadcast. The show began with a complicated but highly entertaining two-ring battle royal with a $50,000 prize jackpot for the winner. Featuring some of the WCW undercard€™s heaviest hitters (including the Steiners and the Varsity Club), it saw the Skycrapers Dan Spivey and Sid Vicious pick up the win after ten very goofy minutes. Two nothing matches later, that old Cornette/Dangerously feud from weeks before reared its head again, and the two met up in a tuxedo match won by Cornette. The Steiners took the Varsity Club to pieces in less than five minutes in a brutal Texas Tornado match, clearing the way for Sting to do likewise with the Great Muta when he retained the television title. Next we saw Lex Luger retain the US title against Ricky Steamboat. The thinking was that the heel Luger would be elevated by the feud, as Steamboat had just come off the main event feud with the champion and was red hot. It worked: the two gelled together in front of an equally hot crowd, Luger heelishly taunting Steamboat until the babyface snapped and tries to use a steel chair and was disqualified. Yet another high quality War Games match led directly into the main event: a babyface Ric Flair, defending the NWA world title against the legendary Terry Funk, the epitome of the Southern Gentleman Cage Fighter trope we all know and love. The match was incredibly dramatic, as befitted a pay-per-view battle between two incredible storytellers. Flair defeated Funk with an inside cradle, and suffered a post-match beatdown from the Great Muta, to the vociferous disapproval of the crowd. Sting came out to make the save, leading to a tag match at Halloween Havoc: Flair and Sting versus Funk and Muta, a match the babyfaces would win convincingly in an amazing Thunderdome cage match.
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