10 Best Wrestling Trilogies

Third time's a charm.


The only thing better than seeing your two favourite wrestlers tear the house down is seeing them tear the house down three times, preferably spread out over the course of a few months, with each match better than the last as the rivalry grows ever more intense.

In Hollywood, movie franchises can often end up out-staying their welcome, of course, but in professional wrestling fans seldom tire of seeing a pair of ably-matched adversaries lock horns - probably because a good match only relies on two people putting in their best work rather than an entire cast and crew.

Kazuchika Okada and Kenny Omega proved over the weekend - with their third, show-stealing bout of the year - that it is possible for the sequels to live up to the hype (though bettering their second effort from June may have, ultimately, been an obstacle too far even for them).

They are far from the first wrestling duo to buck the trend of disappointing reunions, though: three-match series have been around for as long as the sport itself as a way to separate two evenly-matched competitors - and a selection of them have lived long in the memory.