10 Best WWE Hardcore Champions

Gone, but not forgotten.


WWE's Hardcore Championship was discontinued in August 2002, and not a day has gone by since in which every single wrestling fan in the world hasn't paused for a fleeting moment to remember it.

It didn't carry much prestige, of course. In fact, it was once worn (for about 15 seconds) by an anonymous woman who - due to being a WWE employee with female sex organs prior to the year 2014 - was referred to by commentators as "Godfather's Ho".

This was reflected in the way in which contemporary performers treated it, too. It wasn't a belt that you went to the ring demanding a match for so much as it was one that, if you saw the champion standing around backstage and had a frying pan within your grasp, you'd have a half-hearted go at out of a sense of obligation.

As you have probably inferred from the above, the Hardcore division didn't exactly produce many five-star matches. Most of them were brief - so brief that you could fit about 10 of them in one show - and they were less likely to feature armbars and headlocks than they were thumbtacks and flaming tables.

That said, we wouldn't have it any other way - and, in celebration of that, here are the 10 best Hardcore champions ever...

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