10 Best WWE Hell In A Cell Matches Ever

A history of violence, brutality, and death-defying falls.


Though not quite the fearsome, foreboding monolith of old, Hell In A Cell still carries a mystique. It remains a legendarily career-shortening structure with a legacy built on blood and behemothic bumps, and while the stipulation has served up countless clangers over the years (let us never speak CM Punk vs. Ryback again), its strongest offerings stand among the most visceral in company history.

This year's incarnation is just a few days away (16 September), with Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns and Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton set to go down inside the titular cage. What better time, then, to run through the Hell In A Cell stipulations biggest and best?

Pure match quality takes precedent. Unfortunately, this means there's no room for The Undertaker vs. Mankind. It's an important bout, the dives are iconic, and it'll remain part of wrestling folklore forever, but Foley's injuries rendered the clash a concussive slog. Conversely, 'Taker vs. Brock (HIAC 2015) and Ambrose vs. Rollins (HIAC 2014) are great, but can only be accommodated as honourable mentions.

Will this year's pay-per-view yield a bout of such calibre? Looking at the list, it'll be a tall order...


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