10 Best WWE Matches Of 2019 (So Far)

Kingston vs. Bryan was great, but can it top Styles vs. Rollins?


The one saving grace of WWE's inconsistent modern era is that no matter how bad creative gets, fans are always guaranteed a sizeable collection of awesome matches every single year. 2019 has been no different. Angles, feuds, and storylines have been more ridiculous than sublime, but a roster this talented can't help but deliver the goods between the ropes, even with the writers barfing out tripe like the ongoing Shane McMahon vs. Roman Reigns feud.

NXT matches weren't considered here. WWE's developmental and main roster products aren't calibrated the same way, so combining them is tricky. Delivering cutting edge in-ring action is a priority in NXT, and it'd be far, far too easy to populate this list with a bunch of TakeOver bouts.

Note, too, that these rankings are entirely subjective. There's no such thing as an objective measurement of quality when it comes to wrestling matches. These are opinions, not facts, and we encourage you to share your own list down in the comments section - particularly if you disagree.

Honourable mentions include Becky Lynch vs. Asuka, Andrade vs. Rey Mysterio II, and Kofi Kingston's 12 February SmackDown gauntlet.

On with the matches...


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