10 Best WWE Royal Rumble Eliminations Ever

2. Paul London (2005)


Paul London made Gene Snitsky's left-arm clothesline elimination look like the most painful move in wrestling history when he exited the 2005 Royal Rumble via a backwards flip to the floor, but the physical pain didn't compare to the professional aggravation he'd receive as a result.

The bump was absolutely spectacular and instantly memorable - and that was the problem. Management informed London that he'd stolen too much attention from other superstars with his flamboyant departure, and he was subsequently booked to slide down the card in subsequent months.

London later revealed that WWE higher-up Michael Hayes spoke succinctly on it with him afterwards, suggesting that "that was really good...but it was too good". Trapped on Velocity or performing Cruiserweight jobbing duties in the aftermath, it would be a year and a half before a makeshift pairing with Brian Kendrick garnered doubles gold and a chance at redemption.


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