10 Best WWE Royal Rumble Eliminations Ever

1. Shawn Michaels (2010)

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Like the rest of his incredible performance in the 2010 Royal Rumble, Shawn Michaels' elimination was rooted in sheer desperation and panic.

'HBK' had to win the match. Obsessed with facing then-World Champion The Undertaker at WrestleMania 26 having come painstakingly close to ending his undefeated streak a year earlier, Michaels entered an edgy and dynamic display in attempt to be only the second man to three-peat in the 30-man war.

Immaculately told by one of the greatest to ever grace the canvas, Shawn's story saw him frantically fight through the competition - even including the elimination of best mate Triple H with a shock superkick in a callback to how he dumped Diesel in 1996.

Losing his grip (as had been the entire theme of his gradual mental breakdown), the realism exhibited as he clawed in vain to hang on following an intentionally clumsy attack by Batista was some of the most beautiful hopelessness ever seen in professional wrestling.

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