10 Best WWE Royal Rumble Eliminations Ever

10. Matt Hardy (2003)

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Brock Lesnar had just despatched Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin when he spectacularly F5'ed Matt Hardy into their less-than-waiting arms.

As top babyface and heavy favourite to win in 2003, 'The Beast' had a number of scores to settle going into a Royal Rumble he'd had to defeat The Big Show just to qualify for in the evening's opener. Then the scourge of SmackDown General Manager Paul Heyman and his handpicked WWE Champion Kurt Angle, Lesnar was no longer in the mood to jump over any more hurdles the pair had placed between him and the gold he'd had stolen from him at November's Survivor Series.

Fortuitously entering at #29, Lesnar went on a tear as soon as he hit the ring, targeting Kurt's Team Angle accomplices before decimating Hardy for having the temerity to compare himself to 'The Next Big Thing' during their time together on SmackDown.

The pile of bodies he left in his wake foreshadowed his eventual success. Brock would dump The Undertaker from the match last to stamp his ticket for 'The Show Of Shows'.


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