10 Best WWE Royal Rumble Eliminations Ever

9. Owen Hart (1993)

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Long before the pair would flatten The Smoking Gunns en route to their first of two tag team title reigns in 1995, Yokozuna nearly snapped Owen Hart's leg in two with a wicked hip-toss elimination from the 1993 Battle Royal.

The Sumo star went on to win the match itself (and dethrone Owen's WWE Champion brother Bret at WrestleMania 9), with a series of impressive eliminations to the likes of Earthquake, Bob Backlund and Macho Man Randy Savage.

It was Hart's dumping that had the most lasting impact, though. The torque and breakneck pace of 'The Rocket' as he nastily darted to the floor courtesy of Yoko was genuinely scary, as too was the fear for his health as he clutched his knee following a particularly grim landing. Amazingly, he didn't miss any time as a result, working later that week and again in another Battle Royal on Monday Night Raw.


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