10 Best WWE Royal Rumble Matches

10. Mankind Vs. The Rock (1999)


OK, so perhaps complaints about the ending to this match have some merit. It was a little silly that Earl Hebner, the most senior official in the WWF, failed to realise that Mankind allegedly saying "I Quit" was in fact a recording from a promo he performed on Sunday Night Heat.

But, at its core, professional wrestling is fundamentally silly. Deducting points from a wrestling match for silliness is like deducting points from a football match because someone kicked the ball - that's exactly what is supposed to happen.

Besides which, the rest of this encounter still stands the test of time, largely because of the crazy bumps Mick Foley took in order to help his friend on his way to becoming one of WWE's biggest ever stars.

Seriously, the guy takes a DDT onto exposed concrete and gets launched head first into the ring post with his hands tied behind his back. It's exactly this sort of thing that led to his having to retire from in-ring competition in his mid-30s, and also - a little perversely - exactly why he has gone down as one of the most beloved wrestlers of his generation.