10 Best WWE Stars To Compete In A Wrestling World Cup

One World Cup Switzerland might actually win.

The eyes of the entire world are currently fixed onto the action in Brazil as the FIFA World Cup takes place this month. With it come lots of spin-offs, such as tenuously linked food items where miniature chocolates become a team or a crisp flavour suddenly represents a team. But what if the World Cup translated into wrestling? It€™s time to put your Fantasy Wrestling hat on and pick up your country€™s flag as we travel the world looking at the best wrestlers to have ever come from some of the countries that are currently playing in the World Cup. There are only three criteria that I have used in my selection: firstly, they must have competed at some point in the WWE; secondly, the wrestler must legitimately have come from the listed country. This immediately ruled out all manner of heel Russians from the 70s and 80s like Ivan Koloff and Boris Zhukov. The third point was that only one wrestler could represent a country, which means there€™s a hell of a lot of choice when it comes to the representative of the United States. If you don€™t agree with any of my selections, particularly the United States, please do add your comment below €“ I€™d love to hear from you! Wrestlers who didn€™t make the top ten were Australia€™s Nathan Jones (just downright awful) and Emma (hasn€™t been around long enough). And the one legitimate Russian who€™s been in the WWE, Vladimir Koslov, well€..he wasn€™t very good either, was he? And so poor Vlad doesn€™t make the list. Aksana€™s Lithuanian, in case you€™re wondering, and again, I don€™t think she has the calibre to crack the top ten either€.
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