10 Big WWE Returns That Could Happen In 2018

1. CM Punk


What? It's possible that this could happen, in the same way that it's possible Daniel Bryan could win the Royal Rumble and beat Brock Lesnar in the headline match at WrestleMania 34.

The reality is that there's plenty of will on the part of WWE to make this happen. They care less about petty grudges than they do their bottom line, and know that the return of CM Punk, one of the most popular wrestlers since the days of Rock and Austin, would be a huge money-spinner.

Then again, it's also true that none of us really know what's going through the mind of Punk himself. He has good reasons to be estranged from the company, and has so far shown no appetite - at least not in public - to put those issues to bed.

What we do know is that another chance in the UFC, after such a one-sided debut fight, may not be an option. That means the Straight Edge Superstar could be looking for something else to occupy his time in 2018 - and, well, he's pretty handy inside the squared circle.

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