10 Biggest Heat Magnets In WWE History

When wrestlers hold more grudges than lonely high court judges.


At a certain point in their careers, every single wrestler or affiliated performer is going to have heat with someone. It’s the nature of the beast: professional wrestling is a high pressure business marrying performance and physicality, and attracts some volatile folk. Indeed, some would say that if you’ve never had heat, you can’t be doing it properly.

Then there are those who seem to attract heat as naturally as brushing their teeth or changing their socks. These are the people whose personalities naturally attract ill feeling like festival toilets attract flies: the true heat magnets, in their purest form.

However, sometimes serious grudges develop because of a specific personality clash or an issue with a particular relationship or storyline. Often, it’s just inexperience that causes people to butt heads.

The fact is, unless you can find a way out without losing face, the reason for the ill will may not actually matter. In extreme cases, even becoming an inadvertent heat magnet can be so damaging that it affects whole careers.

Whether for a reason or for a season, these are the biggest heat magnets in WWE history.


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