10 Biggest Non-WWE Matches Of The Last Decade

The headline makers.


Ever since the collapse of WCW in 2001, Vince McMahon has pretty much had a monopoly on creating headlines in the world of professional wrestling (and producing toe-curling, cringe-inducing backstage skits).

Every now and then, however, one of the industry's smaller promotions briefly steps out of WWE's shadow to generate some buzz of their own - usually by either making an earth-shattering acquisition or by putting on a game-changing, era-defining match.

Chris Jericho popping up in New Japan for a date with Kenny Omega at this week's Wrestle Kingdom 12 ticks both of those boxes, promising a stellar in-ring encounter worthy of gracing the Tokyo Dome as well as some much-needed exposure for the world's fastest-growing wrestling promotion.

In terms of non-WWE matches over the last decade, this one is right up there. It's just not every day that a WWE veteran of nearly 20 years pops up on the competition, not that far removed from playing a defining role at WrestleMania. It's a huge, huge deal.

But which other matches in the last 10 years have managed to steal a little bit of Vince McMahon's thunder?