10 Biggest Revelations From AJ Lee’s Book

Former Divas' Champion tells all.

Aj Book

After months of anticipation, the autobiography of former WWE Divas' Champion AJ Mendez Brookes - better known to fans as AJ Lee - has finally been released. The book, entitled Crazy Is My Superpower, offers an honest and open look not just at Lee's wrestling career, but at her entire life. From a traumatic childhood to an uphill battle to make it in the sport she loved, all of the difficulties that Lee faced are detailed in the 288-page narrative.

Fans who followed Lee's career in WWE were privy to some of her roller-coaster ride - her humble beginnings on NXT; her alliances with Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, John Cena, and Dolph Ziggler; her three reigns as Divas' Champion - but like with so many other stars, sometimes what happened on TV wasn't the most interesting part of her story.

During the course of Crazy Is My Superpower, Lee drops a ton of bombs about what she went through, both in her personal life and in WWE. The book is available to purchase right now from Amazon and other book retailers... but here's 10 takeaways from an early read...


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