10 Bizarre WWE Scenes You Totally Don’t Remember

10. The Undertaker (Nearly) STABBED!


The Undertaker's 1992 babyface turn was unique in that it inadvertently crafted a template that Vince McMahon stuck to for years until 'The Deadman' finally found a foe that allowed him to burst out of a protective booking bubble - the Monster Of The Week.

Jake Roberts was approaching Satan-like status when Undertaker sent him to hell (or worse, Bill Watts' WCW) at WrestleMania VIII, and next on his hit-list was the sub-Bruiser Brody viking knockoff The Bezerker.

John Nord's pithy persona wasn't without charm but it was certainly without a future. The gimmick's finisher even ensured he'd never win a title - Bezerker launched jobbers to the floor to win by a ten-count rather than score the pin. He only tried to actually leave a man prone on his shoulders once, but that nearly resulted in a permanent end for The Undertaker in 1992.

Mr Fuji had wrestled control of Paul Bearer's Urn long before that became an overused trope too, but his arrogance with the artefact was important. As he rose it, he drew 'The Deadman' from the canvas just in time to avoid taking a sword through the sternum.

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