10 Classic WrestleMania Moments (WWE Won’t Ever Brag About)

Bob Holly will split your sides in half, you little sh*thead.


The affectionate and intentional comedy aside - Vince McMahon equating Donald Trump with faecal matter, the Gimmick Battle Royal, the Undertaker reacting to a Tombstone kick-out like he'd forgotten his umbrella - WWE tends to take WrestleMania with the utmost seriousness.

"Moments" (™) plastered over the 'Mania highlight reel incorporate the usual fare: Shawn Michaels' legendary ladder leap; Steve Austin cloaked in crimson, fading into unconsciousness; The Rock and Hulk Hogan staring one another down, whipping fans into a nuclear frenzy without so much as an Irish whip; Hulk Hogan "tearing every muscle in his back" as he slammed André The Giant "for the first time ever"...

These are the Moments with which WWE sells the Show of Shows as the show on which careers are made. It is the Showcase of the Immortals; naturally, WWE promotes the annual spectacular as the earnest epitome of sports entertainment, to both sell it to the casual audience, and even the worldwide wrestling talent pool, as the destination of greatness.

There is however a secret highlight reel, comprised of moments too inconvenient to the WWE narrative, featuring ghosts the company wish to exorcise, or too funny for the "wrong" reasons...

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