10 Crazy WWE Raw Moments You Totally Don't Remember

Home invasions, attempted murders, and suicidal dives: Raw's history is laced with insanity.

Sabu Raw

As an entertainment company, WWE are all about creating huge moments and lasting memories. The company promote wrestling as a spectacle above all else, and as their flagship show, it's only natural that Monday Night Raw has played host to a huge chunk of these moments.

From CM Punk's pipe bomb to the Nitro simulcast in 2001, some of the most iconic scenes in wrestling history have taken place on Monday nights. Raw has become the sport's most successful weekly brand as a result, and while the show's all-round quality has gone through several peaks and valleys over the years, its ability to stage huge moments has always endured.

Wrestling his always been a theatre for the absurd, insane, and downright dangerous, but some of Raw's craziest moments often go unmentioned. The show's vast, 24-year history ensures this - and while we all remember spots like Shawn Michaels' kicking Shelton Benjamin out of the air, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Hundreds of others, however, remain consigned to the past...

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