10 Darkest YouTube Wrestling Videos

Please don't read this, New Jack.


A little while ago, we showed you the funnier side of YouTube's wrestling corner.

And while wrestling has provided us with countless more hilarious moments, it's also one of the murkiest businesses in the entire world. It is an industry which has bore witness to - and in some cases caused - murder, suicide, and overdoses. It would be remiss of us not to provide a list as a counterpoint to the often unintentional mirth.

There is only one such instance of the unintentional here.

Mostly, these are heinous and deliberate acts of injury and even attempted manslaughter, the just-as-chilling threats to carry them out, and the ugly manifestations of the darkness hiding within the recesses of men - men tested to their limits by the pain they suffer and the punishing schedule of the road they traverse all year long.

Darkness takes many forms. For some, the extent of it ends with a spectacularly ill-tempered rant. For others, the depths extend to something approaching pure psychopathy...

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