10 Dream WrestleMania Matches (That Might Actually Happen!)

Unfortunately, the Velveteen Dream doesn't show up.


Among the internet wrestling community, if we can label it as such anymore, the term "dream match" has become somewhat of a constant among the top discussions between fans. Right up there with fantasy re-booking, complaining, and trying to predict what the hell Vince McMahon will do next, dreaming up the 'perfect match-ups' has been a staple of wrestling fans since the Monday Night Wars.

Back in the days of WWF vs. WCW, fans of both shows would've killed to see 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin vs. Goldberg, Sting vs. The Undertaker, and nWo vs. DX. Mouths would water over the prospect of seeing impossible matches take place, which is why the Invasion angle was so massive when it happened. Finally, matches like 'The Rock' vs. Hulk Hogan were possible. A year after the shine dulled and it all ended, but still.

Nowadays, WWE's roster is so expansive and talent-filled that countless dream matches are already available within Vince McMahon's walls. Between the opposing brands, exclusive part-timers, and some hopeful returns, WWE has the potential to set up some of the biggest matches in professional wrestling history as soon as WrestleMania 35.

Let's see just how lucky us wrestling fans are after all...


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