10 Dumbest Wrestling Heel Turns Ever



Vince McMahon has still got it. He's probably got less of it, or maybe struggles to share it, but he's still got it.

The Chairman comes in for a lot of criticism in the modern era for his micromanagement of a dated, clunky style, not least as his son-in-law oversees a contemporary reinvention of all the old tricks on his own in-house developmental brand. A frank 2014 podcast interview with Stone Cold Steve Austin revealed as much - McMahon's instincts seemed even more out of touch than outsiders already speculated. But he's still got it.

After Sami Zayn saved Kevin Owens from a Shane McMahon Hell In A Cell elbow drop in October, the former 'Underdog From The Underground' assumed his skanking days were over, but the Boss knew best. He instructed Zayn to turn his smile up even higher as a heel, antagonising former fans further in his new union with Kevin Owens.

It worked a treat. Sami's swagger has since portrayed a knowing arrogance that a glare or grimace would have profoundly failed to emote.

There are few areas McMahon should feel as confident in producing. His own heel turn was a masterstroke from the point Vince Russo convinced him that he was the villain of the Montreal piece. It took a while for the stubborn switch in his head to flick, but when it did, his organisation's momentum was subsequently unstoppable. If only all descents to the dark side are as were as positive - and profitable - as that one.


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