10 Dumbest WWE Title Changes

... why?


Jinder Mahal's WWE Championship defeat to AJ Styles last week was greeted with almost universal applause.

It wasn't to do with reservations about the 'Modern Day Maharaja's standing as a world title holder so much as it was the fact that his losing means we get the chance to see AJ Styles battle Brock Lesnar this Sunday at Survivor Series instead.

For once, WWE put its finger on the pulse of fan opinion and responded accordingly. They deserve just a little bit of credit for that, to be fair, although it doesn't mean that we should forget all the times that they've dropped the ball over the years.

While they can make the right call from time to time, their creative team are also prone to the odd title switch which appears to make absolutely no sense - the most common trope being a much-loved baby-face seeing their reign cut short within mere hours of winning the belt.

Some of these decisions, though perplexing at the time, can make sense with hindsight, but not all of them. In fact, one or two still leave us scratching our heads to this day.