10 Embarrassing NXT-Era Creative Failures You Totally Forgot About

Becky Lynch might be 'The Man' today, but her debut gimmick was a disaster.


Given the main roster's inconsistencies, it's understandable that NXT - WWE's workrate-centric island away from Raw and SmackDown's sports entertainment stylings - has become a sacred cow among the promotion's hardcore fanbase.

The black and gold brand has been a success inside the ring and out. TakeOver specials are never anything less than 'Show Of The Year' contenders, and the weekly show's simple, logical storytelling harks back to the glory days. NXT's system isn't perfect, and it occasionally throws up the odd bust (see: the recent Aleister Black 'whodunit?' saga and dead-on-arrival Forgotten Sons), but its hit ratio is remarkably high.

But while the past few years have seen NXT become a dependable creative juggernaut, the brand's earlier days were often rough. The writers often get a pass for the dross they've spat out over the years, partly because of what they've achieved since, but also for early triumphs like Bo Dallas' deluded title run and Cesaro's Full Sail sojourn. Still, their Little Shop of Horrors is surprisingly well-stocked, as we're about to find out.

You can be forgiven for forgetting each of these developmental duds, but they can't be erased from history...


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