10 Exact Moments We Gave Up On A WWE Wrestler's Push

One strike and you're out.


There's room at the top, but not much, and only a small group of wrestlers ever get to taste life in WWE's main event.

Everyone else is feeding on scraps, living in the hope of one day breaking through the glass ceiling, but knowing that their chance can come and go in the blink of an eye.

That's because so so much of a wrestler's career comes down to luck and circumstance. Your shtick could work one week, in one city, and then it's the sound of crickets in the next.

WWE fans know all too well that their favourite wrestlers have a small window of opportunity to seize the brass ring, and they've become trained, over the years, to spot exactly when it passes.

Sometimes it happens inside the wrestling ring - a humiliating defeat from which there is no turning back. Other times, it's a backstage segment, and in rare instances your guy might be watching the show from their living room as someone else steps right into their spot.

Chin up, though: there's always a chance they'll get another opportunity to rise up the ranks. But it's unlikely...