10 Famous WWE Love Stories That Didn’t Survive The Wrestling Business

Heart Attacks


Read it and weep, if romance drama is your thing - Nikki Bella and John Cena have separated after several extremely public years together, in extremely public fashion, just a year removed from their extremely public engagement.

This should act as a disclaimer as to why their private lives are worthy of some public concern. The duo have played the fame game to such a degree in recent years that many were even cynical about the legitimacy of the break-up. Few life events act as well as drivers towards 'reality' vehicles upon which they spawned than relationships hitting the skids. Cena and Bella might be able to turn heartbreaking dating strife into a record-breaking rating life for 'Total Bellas' or whatever other film and television vehicles they attempt to move towards over the next few years.

Assuming for a second though that instead of all that, a real relationship has sadly gone by the wayside, 'Big Match John' and the longest reigning WWE Divas Champion won't have been to suffer defeat at the hands of love's toughest opponent.

The wrestling industry has proven an almost impossible place to foster a successful relationship, with Nikki and John just the latest victims of a winning streak far superior than any ever held by The Undertaker, Goldberg or Asuka. A trail of battered souls and broken hearts remain piled high behind them...


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