10 Fascinating Facts About WWE WrestleMania III

10. WWE Restricted PPV Access In The State Of Michigan


Hey, McMahon had a Silverdome to fill. With Hulk vs. Andre for the WWE Championship looming large, WrestleMania 3 was the hottest ticket around, whether you watched from home, or you attended that day in Pontiac. In fact, if you were anywhere approximate to Pontiac, and you wanted to see the show, buying a ticket was your only avenue.

That's because McMahon took the liberty of blacking out the pay-per-view throughout all of The Great Lakes State. It's not exactly a new idea; the Indianapolis 500 would black out the televised race in Indiana to try and ensure a sellout.

McMahon's plan seemed to work, as traffic was gridlocked as far as the eye could see, jam-packed with cars full of revelers desperate to see if The Hulkster could vanquish "The Eighth Wonder of the World."


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