10 Fascinating WWE Survivor Series 1990 Facts

Two guarantees in life: death, and crappy gimmicks hatching from eggs.


So the 1990 Survivor Series is a historic show for reasons that pin both ends of the gamut. On the one hand, perhaps the greatest creation to ever be unleashed upon the WWE audience made a grand entrance at this show. When 25-year-old Mark Calaway emerged from the curtain clad in black and gray, little did anyone realize that this ghastly spectre walking before them would still be relevant in company canon three decades later. Yes, Survivor Series 1990 gave us The Undertaker, forever changing the wrestling game.

On the other end of the spectrum, Survivor Series 1990 also gave us Hector Guerrero garishly dressed as an anthropomorphic turkey. The hatching of a giant egg late in the pay-per-view "treated" the world to The Gobbledy Gooker, a gimmick so awful that it holds up today as the measuring stick for which all WrestleCrap is judged.

In between those polar opposites, Survivor Series 1990 was similar enough to the preceding events bearing its name: a showcase for eclectic and unique tag team combinations to do battle in a mostly-throwaway show, but a fun and enjoyable show regardless. The fact that The Undertaker made his televised debut that night does lend it significance as a landmark pay-per-view, certainly.

Here are ten facts about Survivor Series 1990 you may not have known.


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