10 Fascinating WWE Survivor Series 2006 Facts

We never did solve the mystery of who Mike Knox was.


The 2006 Survivor Series was another one of those compromise shows. The event tempered the hungry maws of the nostalgia-minded with three elimination matches, while stacking the rest of the card with singles matches that were mostly from the SmackDown side of the aisle.

Overall, the event best embodies just how all-over-the-place WWE could be in 2006. For one thing, it's a Survivor Series event with some traditional elimination bouts, but there's also the involvement of ECW wrestlers and branding. Characters rooted in the Attitude Era, such as D-Generation X and The Undertaker, wrestled on a show with legends like Ric Flair and Dusty Rhodes, ECW icons like Sabu and Rob Van Dam, and latter day studs like John Cena and Randy Orton.

Survivor Series 2006 felt like one of those WWE video games where you can unlock 40 different legends and classic gimmicks, and integrate them at will with the modern roster. There had been pining for yesteryear within WWE's product before, but the way in which WWE hearkened back to the past in 2006 was at unprecedented, never-before-seen levels. Survivor Series 2006, perhaps better than any non-WrestleMania event, exemplified the wildest blending of eras.

Here are ten facts about the 2006 Survivor Series you may not have known.


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