10 Fascinating WWE WrestleMania 11 Facts

10. Vince McMahon Scheduled An Early-Morning Meeting, With A Twist


The night before WrestleMania 11, a memo made the rounds to the entire WWE entourage. McMahon instructed his troupe of performers to all be at the Hartford Civic Center first thing Sunday morning for an urgent meeting of unspecified purpose. Naturally, this would throw a wrench into any late-Saturday night carousing the wrestlers may have been planning on.

Sure enough, come Sunday, a horde of groggy talents packed into the Civic Center, still in the dark as to why the meeting had been called. Instead of McMahon, it was former manager and at-the-time office hatchet-man JJ Dillon that addressed the wrestlers, simply telling them that Vince wasn't coming, but he wanted to wish them all the best of luck on that night's card.

McMahon had no intention of showing up; he called the meeting to keep his talents in line on a day where everything needed to go right.


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