10 Fascinating WWE WrestleMania 12 Facts

4. Gerald Brisco Advised Triple H Not To Let Ultimate Warrior Kill The Pedigree


The Warrior's return was a pretty one-sided affair, making quick work of Hunter Hearst Helmsley after barely 90 seconds. One of the more memorable spots of the match saw Helmsley actually land the Pedigree, only for Warrior to immediately no-sell the move, quickly regaining his vertical base in a supercharged fury.

As the story goes, Helmsley was troubled by Warrior's insistence on brushing off Hunter's finisher en route to ripping him to shreds. The junior Kliq member went to Brisco to express his concerns, and the long-time backstage agent implored Helmsley to salvage the Pedgree, while professing that the match should be a little more even.

Brisco even accompanied Helmsley on a return visit to Warrior in an attempt to persuade him toward a more competitive match, but Warrior, clearly, did not budge.


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