10 Fascinating WWE WrestleMania 17 Facts

The greatest event in WWE history, period.


Even for wrestling fans that hate Limp Bizkit and their blend of frenetic rap-rock, more than a few hold the song "My Way" in somewhat-high esteem. That's for one underlined reason: it perfectly soundtracked the most spectacular card in WWE's half-century-plus of existence: WrestleMania X7. To hear Fred Durst's confrontational assertions in "My Way" is to think of the near-68,000 fans that packed Houston's AstroDome.

WrestleMania X7 is undeniably a classic, but also marks a bittersweet occasion, something of a sharp turning point for WWE. Many agree that the monumental event pretty much marked the resounding end of the wild and woolly Attitude Era, and with the death of the period also went the bulletproof sheen that WWE possessed. The underwhelming Invasion angle, lifeless nWo rebirth, and other assorted storylines over the next few years (Katie Vick, anyone?), chipped away at WWE's omnipotence. There was no more WCW to kick in the ribs, so for directing one's snark, the last promotion standing became (rightful) target for scathing criticism.

In the moment, however, WrestleMania X7 was a smashing success. Sixteen years later, it remains unmoved as the greatest wrestling show ever, except in the eyes of those who live and die by each ensuing WrestleKingdom. In that case, good for you. I'll take Raven getting hit with a golf cart, thank you.


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