10 Fascinating WWE WrestleMania 18 Facts

10. Maven Vs. Goldust Was Added To The Show The Day Before


Because of the rapid-fire title changes associated with a belt that had grown more flavorless than a wad of discarded gum, it was trickier to book a Hardcore Championship match for a pay-per-view, unless the champion was well-protected. Six nights before WrestleMania X8, Al Snow defeated Goldust on Raw to capture the belt, and he dropped it to protege Maven the following night. Said title change didn't air until three nights before 'Mania.

Fans checking the newz sites on Saturday morning found out that Maven would be defending the belt against Goldust less than 36 hours later. It was little more than an excuse to run a bunch of random title changes between the scheduled matches, culminating with Maven winning it back before night's end.


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