10 Fascinating WWE WrestleMania 19 Facts

10. Fabolous Was Pulled From Battle-Rap With John Cena After Being Arrested


Young Cena (making his debut on these lists) had found his voice spitting out angry, confrontational rhymes while donning throwback sports jerseys. Certainly, it was an edgy, unique character, and easily shined brightly amongst the staleness of the time. To showcase the gimmick to a large audience, Cena was set to take part in a battle-rap with "Can't Deny It" singer Fabolous.

The career rapper found himself in hot water after several arrests in early-2003 for alleged possession of an unlicensed handgun. The most recent arrest of the bunch took place within weeks of WrestleMania 19.

While ultimately nothing really materialized from the incidents, Fabolous' appearance at the event was cancelled. Instead of taking part in a freestyle volley, Cena mocked cardboard cutouts of both Fabolous and Jay-Z on the Sunday Night Heat pre-show.


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