10 Fascinating WWE WrestleMania 2 Facts 

Three locations, three time zones, and twelve matches comprised the sequel.


By 1986, WWE was learning to embrace its excess with a hearty smile. Top stars from across the territories were flocking to New York, including Macho Man Randy Savage, Jake Roberts, Terry Funk, among others. NBC was allotting air time for the revolutionary Saturday Night's Main Event, giving WWE a major network platform for cash-cow Hulk Hogan to entertain millions. The Wrestling Classic provided the company a window into the unscratched pay-per-view market.

Vince McMahon had already figured out that cable television was an ideal planet to conquer in his national expansion, using USA Network (and briefly TBS) to blast out his colorful propaganda. Pay-per-view was another world he yearned to stick his flag in.

Not only would WrestleMania 2 be the first of the 'Manias broadcast on pay-per-view, but it would stage the conflicts in America's three major media markets: New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, moving east to west. McMahon reasoned that he had the star power, both from his locker room and from Hollywood, to create three unique attractions in three different arenas in one night.

The event was something of a mixed bag, and the tri-mulcast was never attempted again. Alas, WrestleMania 2 remains an important part of one of WWE's most cherished eras, with plenty of history to write home about.


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