10 Fascinating WWE WrestleMania 21 Facts

WrestleMania goes Hollywood and ushers in a new era of main eventer.


Some WrestleManias have enjoyed a perfect marriage with an ideal theme song, whether it was Austin and Rock each insisting on doing things "My Way", or the Ford Field gawkers being promised a show of shows aligning with Josey Scott's carnival-barking in "Ladies and Gentlemen".

For WrestleMania 21 in Los Angeles, the event took up a glitzy Tinseltown motif, which included an elaborate red-carpet-and-marquee set, and advertising in the form of faux movie trailers. For the theme song, a bubbly, upbeat alternative piece by Swedish rock band The Soundtrack of Our Lives entitled "Bigtime" seemed to be an ideal complement. A drastic change from the shouty, bellicose nu-metal offerings of previous years, "Bigtime" provided a warm, breezy feeling, similar to the onset of the coinciding spring season. Its lyrics even denoted change, with frequent use of the phrase, "Welcome to the future."

Fitting, as the two men that would reign supreme at night's end were two cherished developmental projects that would each hoist a World title for the first time: John Cena and Batista. WWE in 2005 was planning ahead, looking to firmly mint two new main eventers with significant victories on the most watched wrestling show of the year.

"Welcome to the future," indeed.


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