10 Fascinating WWE WrestleMania 30 Facts

The YES! Movement flies, while The Streak dies.


As the children who grew up with The Hulkster and The Hitman blossomed into cynical adults, the magic of WrestleMania and WWE in general withered away for many. That's not necessarily the fault of WWE, but rather a side effect of the aging process. Fans who stuck around for a quarter century and beyond aren't going to look at WWE the way they once did, through those blissfully-naive eyes of uncorrupted youth.

For that subjectively-evolved mindset, a good wrestling show requires catering to practical sensibilities. Rating matches, judging storylines, and questioning motives and continuity, those are the characteristics of the learned fan, replacing the unfettered enthusiasm and wonder those same fans had watching Ultimate Warrior shake the ropes, and Undertaker springing out of a coffin.

WrestleMania 30 was a revelation to the aged viewer, chicken soup for a soul capable of restoration. On that night in New Orleans' Superdome, those cynics rejoiced at the sight of their hero winning the big one when it mattered most, as well as recoiling in horror when a legendary figure was robbed of an ongoing honor.

In the heart of every older wrestling fan is a younger one that just wants to believe. WrestleMania 30 reminded those fans that the ability to believe isn't buried all that deep within them.


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