10 Fascinating WWE WrestleMania 32 Facts

The longest WrestleMania was far from the greatest WrestleMania.


John Cena. Bray Wyatt. Neville. Cesaro. Seth Rollins. Luke Harper. Daniel Bryan. Randy Orton. With names like those, you can put together a rather enjoyable wrestling card, and in fact a pretty damned good one to boot. If you're WWE, you'd more than likely find a spot for all eight of those men at any given WrestleMania. In the case of WrestleMania 32, however, it just wasn't possible.

All eight men were injured at by the time WrestleMania season rolled around (in Bryan's case, probable career-ending injuries), and Vince McMahon had to put together a massive supercard while missing some of his aces and kings. All was not lost, because McMahon had Roman Reigns, who to him is as unsinkable as a chunk of Styrofoam in a swimming pool. In all fairness, the depth of WWE's roster was impressive enough in 2016 that the boss was able to string together a quality event (on paper) without that aforementioned list of names, five of whom were WWE World Champion before or since.

Did it succeed? Financially, it sure did. Critically? That's another story. The show was so lengthy that as far as we here at WhatCulture know, it only just ended last week. It actually might still be going.


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