10 Funniest Wrestling Moments Of 2018

Funny ha-ha, not funny "Drake Maverick pisses himself for the amusement of demented old man".

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WWE was all about comedy in 2018. Nominally.

The former RAW Tag Team Champions, the B-Team, were a comedy act who stumbled unwittingly into several victories. Braun Strowman and Nicholas were a comedy act because one of them was a massive man, and the other was a small child. Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy were a comedy act because they were both geet weird. The Revival were a comedy act because they tried to do this adorable old-timey thing called really good southern-style tag team wrestling.

Silly buggers.

The Miz Vs. Daniel Bryan was a deeply personal blood feud...to literally every f*cker else; to WWE, it hinged on synergistic crossover content streams and seven second dance breaks and fluke roll-ups. Bryan literally laughed in the face of an optimistic suggestion putting forward the big, epic Bryan Vs. Miz blowoff in New Jersey. He laughed out loud at the very notion of WWE telling a long-term story with an actual ending, and he was right. Vince McMahon and WWE's creative staff are fickle! Fickle! Fickle! They are also f*cking stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

Their version of comedy is as bad as their version of long-term storytelling, but cruel, wonderful fate intervened to comprise most of this list.

But first, something that was actually designed to be funny...


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